Chemotechnique Diagnostics

Chemotechnique Diagnostics

The Team from Canute Pharma (and previously with Crawford
Healthcare), through a longstanding partnership with Chemotechnique Diagnostics in Sweden, is the leading supplier of patch test allergens and allergy testing kits to specialist centres in the UK.

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Chemotechnique offer the complete range of high quality products including haptens (allergens) and test chambers for patch testing in the diagnosis of contact dermatitis (contact eczema). The contamination free haptens are produced under strict pharmaceutical control following the GMP quality management system audited by the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA). In addition, their whole operation follows the ISO 13485 and 9001 Quality Management systems. Their products will therefore enable you to perform a valid diagnosis of contact allergy in your patients.

Chemotechnique Diagnostics offer the widest range of commercially available haptens for patch testing now expanded to cover more than 550 different preparations. In co-operation with various national Contact Dermatitis Research Groups a number of specific Baseline Series are available in addition to Chemotechnique’s recommended series.

Patch testing, being the classical method for the diagnosis of contact allergies, is an important tool when investigating contact dermatitis.  This test becomes more reliable when using high quality standardised test substances.  Chemotechnique haptens are homogenous, contamination free and made with the highest, purest quality of raw material.

Haptens are supplied either individually or as part of a Complete Series.

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