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Zindaclin is an effective topical therapy for mild to moderate acne. Its once-a-day gel formulation improves patient compliance by combining patients’ preferred attributes. It also contains zinc, which helps to improve skin healing.

Topical therapies are first-line treatments for mild to moderate acne but they only work if they get used.1

Poor compliance and reduced efficacy are major issues for GPs and dermatologists treating teenagers with acne.2

But ease of therapy and simple dosing regimens have been shown to improve patient compliance.3

A randomised, single-centre cross over study was conducted to determine and compare patient preferences. Over 4 weeks, patients used each of 3 topical antibiotics for 1 week.2

The study showed that patients clearly preferred a gel formulation that could be applied with the fingers once a day and stored at room temperature over 18 months.2

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