SilDerm™ Scar Spray


Clinically proven to help in the treatment of scars

Silderm™ Scar spray is a unique combination of medical grade silicones that have been designed to dry quickly on the skin. It is best to use when the scar is too painful to touch, where large areas need to be covered and where people would prefer to apply a spray, rather than a gel. It is used for the treatment and prevention of red raised scars. The spray is particularly useful for old and new widespread scars, including burn scars and for use under pressure garments.

  • 100% Silicone.
  • Reduces redness.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Relieves itching, pain, and discomfort.
  • Unique blend of natural silicones.
  • Softens scar tissue and reduces pain.
  • Flattens raised scars, Keloid scars, burn scars, Widespread scars, Acne scars that are raised and red (not indented)
  • Old and new scars – Older scars need longer to treat.

Suitable for use on children and people with sensitive skin.

Available in 30ml – £23.99 and 60ml – £35.99 – Free post and packaging.

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